K-8 ELA Resources


REPORT CARD DRAFTS for ELA:  Starting in 2015-16, there will be a CCSS-aligned SU progress report which will include all content areas. While social studies and math sections of this pending report card have been done, K-6 ELA is only in draft form and has not been fully vetted.  For this reason, while RNESU schools are welcome to use these drafts of the K-6 ELA report cards this year, it is not required. Feel free to try them, revise or somehow combine them with your current format - or maintain your current ELA section of your school-based report card. (NOTE: the 5-point scale was approved by Administrative Council and should be used; it will be looked at again prior to the 2015-16 release of the SU-wide design.)
 The Link above takes to you Laura King's professional blog/website.  Please, check it out and sign up to follow this literacy blog.
RNESU ELA CURRICULAR RESOURCES WILL BE UNDER CONSTRUCTION DURING the 2014-15 school year.  Check this tab in the future for developments!    Thank you.  
(This is the current "under construction" website; PLEASE remember, there are many 'place holders.')