Health Benefits

Revamped VEHI Health Plan Section

I am excited to share that VEHI has revamped the Health Plan Information Section of their website. 

Click here to see the newly revamped site. The site has been reconfigured to better serve employers and employees. VEHI has added many NEW resources to assist you in navigating the 2018 health plans. 

BC/BS Cost Estimator- Members may research the potential cost for a medical procedure, service, or prescription using the BC/BC National Provider Finder Cost Estimator at your convenience.  To access this feature you must set up a profile on the BC/BS website. 


Walgreens is back in the ESI (BCBSVT) Network as of September 1, 2018

On behalf of Express Scripts Inc. (ESI) and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont (BCBSVT), we are pleased to announce that as ofSeptember 1st,all Walgreens pharmacies will be back in the ESI network. This includes the Rite Aid stores that have transitioned, and will be transitioning, to Walgreens, as well as the existing Walgreens stores. This network update applies to both Vermont stores and locations outside of Vermont.

The three existing (original) Walgreens locations in Vermont will have signs out in front of the stores welcoming BCBSVT members, including VEHI members, back to their pharmacies