Health Benefits

2020 BC/BS Benefit Changes

There are changes for 1/1/2020 including increased out-of-pocket maximums for prescriptions on  CDHP plans to coincide with federal HSA minimum deductibles, which are periodically adjusted by the IRS and will modestly increase in 2020.    Beginning in 1/1/2020 the Gold and Silver CDHPs will have a $1,400 Prescription out-of-pocket maximum for an individual plan, and a $2,800 for a plan with two or more members.  This does not increase the "total" out-of-pocket exposure for members on the Gold CDHP or Silver CDHP.  (This does not change the prescription out-of-pocket maximum for those on the Platinum or Gold plans, which will remain at $1,300/$2,600.)

A new pharmacy formulary for 1/1/2020, for all four health plans.  BC/BS will be using the BCBSVT/Express-Scripts "National Preferred Formulary" (NPF) and an Exclusive Specialty Network partner, Accredo. Any members who will be impacted by these changes will receive personalized outreach in October, November and December - and there will be outreach directly to their providers.


BC/BS Telemedicine Program
To access more information regarding Telemedicine please click above to be redirected to the BC/BS website

BC/BS Cost Estimator
Members may research the potential cost for a medical procedure, service, or prescription using the BC/BC National Provider Finder Cost Estimator at your convenience.  To access this feature you must set up a profile on the BC/BS website.