Hawk Hill Committee

OVUU School Board - Hawk Hill Committee Agendas and Minutes
Meetings are scheduled on an as needed basis and will be included on the School Board Monthly Meeting Schedule.
(See School Board Monthly Meeting Schedule on School Boards page for details.)
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Hawk Hill Committee Members:
  • OVUU Board Representative (1): Bob Clark
  • OV School Representatives (2): Josh Hardt
  • OV Student Representative: Matt Snow
  • Brandon Recreation Director: Bill Moore
  • Brandon Museum Representative: Bill Powers
  • Community Sportsman: Bud Snow
 2017-11-14 Hawk Hill Agenda 11-14-17 Hawk Hill - Supplemental Docs for 11-14-17 Hawk Hill Committee Minutes 11-14-17
2017-05-01  Hawk Hill Agenda 05-01-17  Hawk Hill - Supplemental Docs for 05-01-17  Hawk Hill Committee Minutes 05-01-17 
2016-11-01  Hawk Hill Committee Agenda 11-01-16  Conservation Management Plan and Warranty Deed  Hawk Hill Committee APPROVED Minutes 11-01-16 
2015-03-31  Hawk Hill Agenda 03-31-15     
2014-09-24  Hawk Hill Committee Agenda 09-24-14    Hawk Hill Committee Minutes 09-24-14 
2014-07-09  Hawk Hill Public Meeting Notice and Agenda 07-09-14     
2014-06-11  Posting Notice for Hawk Hill Committee Mtg. 06-11-14    Hawk Hill Minutes 06-11-14 
2014-05-15  Hawk Hill Agenda 05-15-14    Hawk Hill Committee Minutes 05-15-14 
2014-05-14  Hawk Hill Agenda 05-14-14     
2014-05-06  Posting Notice for Hawk Hill Committee Mtg. 05-06-14    Hawk Hill Minutes 05-06-14 
2014-04-14  Posting Notice for Hawk Hill Committee Mtg. 04-14-14    Hawk Hill Minutes 04-14-14 
2013-09-12  Posting Notice for Hawk Hill Committee Mtg. 09-12-13    Hawk Hill Minutes 09-12-13 
2013-07-31  Hawk Hill Committee Agenda 07-31-13    Hawk Hill Committee Minutes 07-31-13 
2013-05-02      Hawk Hill Minutes 05-02-13 
2012-09-25      Hawk Hill Minutes 09-25-12