Focus Topic:  RNESU, OVUUSD and BUUSD Budgets 

 PREK REGIONAL BOUNDARY REVIEW RNESU offers universal PreK for three and four year olds in our towns and PreK choice throughout the district allowing families to access any qualified and approved program within RNESU. We do not have an economic hub and with our programs and the public partnerships we have in Whiting and Brandon, we believe our geographic areas both coming in and going out of our SU provides a continuum of services that meets the PreK needs of our students and families.  

Since establishing our PreK Region and Partnership in 2016, we serviced 123 students in year one and currently have 162 students, for an average of 152 students and have had seven families in 2016-2017, two families in 2017-2018 and currently zero families request an exception to our region.  The single reason all families requested this exception was to meet their family needs for full day child care programming. To address this, we have added a partnership with a private child care provider in one north end program and are considering the same in the south end of our district.

The RNESU school board will discuss continuing the region at their meeting on March 27, 2019 (6:00 PM at RNESU Central Office), followed by the OVUU and BUU boards in April. The RNESU school board will act on this recommendation at their April meeting.  Public input is welcomed and can be provided in person at the Board meetings or through the use of Let’s Talk, by clicking on Let’s Talk on the RNESU or school websites and selecting RNESU Early Education. 
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