Upcoming Courses at Marlboro Gradschool

posted Jul 18, 2016, 6:19 AM by Susan Briere

Game Design for Teachers

100% online. 6-week course runs from August 14th, to September 25th, 2016 with one optional in-person session in Southern Vermont on the 14th.

In this hands-on studio course, students will learn to use a variety of digital authoring tools—including but not limited to Twine, Inklewriter, and Adobe Captivate—to create instructional games and interactive educational materials. Participants will examine the intersections of gaming and learning and explore how we can push the boundaries of both forms to maximize student engagement. Topics covered in this course will include narrative structure, variables, and game mechanics. For a final project, students will produce an instructional game of their own design, using one of the tools covered in the course. Register here.

Inquiry-Driven, Project-Based Mathematics

100% online. 6-week course runs from August 1st, to September 16th, 2016.

This course will serve as an in-depth exploration of high-school project based mathematics. The main objectives of the course are to guide teachers through the process of designing and implementing inquiry-driven, application-based projects in Algebra 1 - Calculus.  Topics to be covered include strategies for designing daily lessons that emphasize inquiry and critical thinking, resources available for creating in-depth projects, and specific ways to plan high school math curriculum around application-based projects. Theories engaged will include Dewey (Experience in Education), Noddings (Ethic of Care), and Dweck (Mindset). Participants will learn the material through creation of curricular resources. Specifically, major assignments will include the design of several inquiry-focused, student-driven lesson plans, major unit plans, and large projects tied to specific unit plans. Register here.

Create, Make, Learn 2016
August 1st-5th in Burlington with our partner Lucie DeLaBruere. Optional graduate credit includes post-workshop work. The fourth annual Create Make Learn summer institutes gives educators experience with active, hands-on learning in four areas:

    1. Create With Chromebooks

    2. Create with iPads

    3. STEAM Powered Learning

    4. Advance your Maker Skills
    Register here.

Please send inquires to Kara Hamilton, Education Admissions Counselor: khamilton@gradschool.marlboro.edu802-451-7506
You’ll find greater detail about each course and access to registration on our website:  www.marlboro.edu/pdi.