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Clear it out!

posted Oct 2, 2012, 12:57 PM by
Sometimes you need to clear out the browser of things it remembers for certain websites, like cookies and such.  Little leave behinds that websites download to your machine so that the next time you come back to the website, the user experience is customized.  But sometimes things get caught in that cache and you need to dump the cookies!  Sounds bad?  But it can help when troubleshooting a misbehaving website.  Here's how:
  • In Firefox, Firefox menu in the upper left-hand corner > History > Clear Recent History.  Use the dropdown and the details to determine how far back and what to delete.
  • In Chrome, Settings > History > Clear All Browsing Data.  Use the dropdown and checkboxes to determine how far back and what to delete.
  • In Explorer, Settings (gear) > General Tab > Browsing History > Delete...

BE CAREFUL THOUGH... Some of those things you are deleting may be conveniences you will need to set up again.