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Favorites and Bookmarks and Bookmarks - Oh My!

posted Sep 10, 2012, 9:57 AM by
So you know that scary long web address up in your address bar above?  The one that got you to this page and one you certainly don't want to remember?  Well why bother?  You can make that address a favorite (in Internet Explorer) or a bookmark (in Firefox and Chrome).  Let your browser remember those addresses so you won't have to.  Then you can go back to that web page you love (like Tech Team Tips!) with just a click.  You can add the bookmark/favorite to a menu or a toolbar that always appears in your browser.  Here's how:
  1. First, open your browser and go to the website or webpage you'd like to bookmark or make a favorite.
  2. Make the page a bookmark in Firefox or Chrome:
    1. Click on the star to the right of the web address. It will turn gold.
    2. Click on the now gold star again, to get a dialog box where you can enter a name for the bookmark and choose its location.
    3. Click Done when you are finished.
  3. OR in Internet Explorer:
    1. Click on the star to the right of the web address. It will turn gold and immediately you will be able to choose its location.
    2. When you are finished, click Add to Favorites.
That's it folks!  You can do more with bookmarks on social bookmarking sites and when you sign in to Google Chrome.  But that's another tip for the future.