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Need a home or two?

posted Sep 5, 2012, 10:59 AM by
Do you find that you are ALWAYS opening your browser and opening the same websites every day?  Try making your common websites a home page on a different tab and then each time you open your browser, it will open up multiple tabs by default.  First open the browser you would like to use most and open each site on a different tab like Gmail on one tab and PowerTeacher on another.
  • In Firefox, go to Firefox menu > Options > General and click Use Current Pages to save all the open tabs as your home page(s) every time you open Firefox.
  • In Chrome this is done with the gear in the upper right-hand corner > Settings > On Startup > On a Specific Page or Pages > Set Pages > Use Current Pages.
  • In Internet Explorer, Tools menu > Internet Options > General > Use Current.