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Pick a browser, any browser... Well almost.

posted Aug 31, 2012, 6:38 AM by
If you are used to thinking about the internet as Internet Explorer, we encourage you to think again.  In this ever changing world of technology, it's no longer a one browser ballpark.  At RNESU, we install Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome on your desktops and laptops.  At home, you may have a Mac and use Safari.  Not to mention the various mobile versions of these browsers.  Why so many?  Because as more software is accessed via the web, different browsers work better for one application vs another.  For example, our RNESU Google Apps work seamlessly with Chrome and we recommend you use that.  However, some of the educational sites you access may not.  That's why we ask you to get familiar with URLs and using bookmarks/favorites/stars to get to them.  More questions?  Contact Maureen Hennigan for training.