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Teacher Dashboard Tutorials

posted Feb 26, 2015, 7:02 AM by Susan Briere
Teacher Dashboard is a workflow management tool used in many of our elementary classrooms. Classroom teachers use Teacher Dashboard's simple yet powerful interface to manage, organize, and access their students' work in Google Apps. TD features enable teachers to share and copy files, to push out pre-made templates to students such as docs, spreadsheets, and websites. The dashboard displays student folders and files for the teacher making it a snap to view a student's writing piece and provide instant feedback (insert Comments) or review the work anytime, from anywhere there is an available internet connection.

If you are using Teacher Dashboard in your classroom be sure to check out these tutorials:

The Student Panel - Part 2, Increasing Formative Assessment (1m 44s)
The Student Panel - Part 3, Increasing Feedback (2m 24s)
The Student Panel - Part 4, The Panel Tools (2m 14s)
The Tool Bar - Part 2, Sorting Student Panels (1m 24s)
The Tool Bar - Part 3, Smart Share (2m 42s)