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Policy Types:
1 = Federal (policies apply to all schools)
2 = State (policies apply to all schools)
3 = RNESU (policies apply to all schools)
4 = Barstow Unified Union School District (policies apply to Barstow Memorial School)
5= Otter Valley Unified Union School District (policies apply to the Learning Academy at Whiting and Sudbury; Leicester Central School; Neshobe Elementary School; Otter Valley Middle/High School; and Lothrop Elementary School)
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Policy TypeCodePolicy TitleAdmin. Memo. TitleYear
Policy TypeCodePolicy TitleAdmin. Memo. TitleYear
CFA Comparable Services and Staffing Equivalence  2017 
DE Prevention of Conflict of Interest In Procurement by Personnel  2017 
DID Capitalization of Assets  2017 
DP RNESU Employee Travel Reimbursement  2017 
GBEAA Preventing and Responding to Unlawful Harassment of Employees & Third Parties  2017 
GBO Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Compliance (HIPAA)  2017 
 J1718006P: Prrocedures for Policy JO: Student Education Records 2017 
JBA Limited English Proficiency  2017 
JBEAA Policy on the Prevention of Harassment, Hazing and Bullying of Students J1718007P: Procedures on the Prevention of Harassment, Hazing and Bullying of Students for Policy JBEAA 2017 
JH Federal Child Nutrition Act Wellness Policy  2017 
JR Pupil Privacy Rights: Student Surveys  2017 
AC Nondiscrimination Policy  2017 
EEA School Bus Transportation Policy  2017 
INBA Animal Dissection  2017 
JFCG Prohibition of Tobacco Use or Possession  2017 
BA Board Operational Goals  2017 
BAA Compensation of Rutland Northeast School Directors  2017 
BC Organization and Operations of the Boards  2017 
BF Board Policy Development, Revision and Adoption  2017 
BFCA Board Review of Administrative Rules and Regulations  2017 
 C1718002A: Designees in Absence of Superintendent 2017 
 C1415003P: Idling of Vehicles 2015 
 C1415001P: Administrative and Informational Memoranda 2014 
 C1718004P: Policy CE Class Size Procedures 2017 
 D1718002P: Fiscal Management for Student Activity/ Curricular / Co-Curricular Accounts 2017 
 D1718001P: Grant Approval and Routing Form 2017 
DD Presentation and Adoption of Supervisory Union Budget  2017 
 E1718001P: Student Transportation in Employee and Volunteer Private Vehicles 2017 
 G1516001P: Resignations 2016 
 G1617003P: RNESU Hiring Procedures 2017 
 I1718002P: Procedures for Employee and Volunteer Use of Electronic Resources per Policy IIBG 2017 
 I1718001P: Field Trips 2017 
 J1718004P: RNESU Health Procedures for Outside of the School Day/Year 2017 
 J1415001P: Protocol for Epinephrine Auto-Injector (Act 68) 2014 
 J1718003P: RNESU Meal Charge Procedures 2017 
 J1718005P: RNESU Medication Procedure 2017 
 J1415002P: Pediculosis (Head Lice) Protocol 2014 
JEB Kindergarten Entrance Age Requirements and Instructional Placement of Newly Entering Primary Students  2017 
 K1516001P: Public Gifts to Schools 2016 
 K1516002P: Fund Raising Activities 2016 
 K1516005P: Library Media Materials Selection Policy 2016 
KM Distribution of Non-School Related Materials  2017 
 BUUSD Policy Governance Policies  2017 
DO Investment Policy (Chittenden Only)  2010 
JC High School Tuition Payment Policy  2016 
 K1718004P: Use of Barstow Unified Union School Facility 2017 
BAA Compensation of Otter Valley Unified School Directors  2017 
BCE Board Committees  2017 
BCFS-R Student Representation on the School Board  2017 
DA Ely Fund Investment Policy  2017 
EEAE Operation of Private Motorized Vehicles, Snowmobiles and Off-Road Vehicles on School Property  2017 
JEF Elementary School Choice Policy  2017 
KI Sales and Collections in the Schools  2017 
Showing 53 items