Bussing & Routes

Bus Routes

RNESU is short bus drivers and therefore the schedules below may be affected on a daily basis but will be communicated by each school.

Bus Expectations & Policies

School bus transportation is a privilege that is available to students across the supervisory union. Last school year, we saw an increase in student behaviors that included bullying, vaping and poor language choices. We ask for your help in this area this year. In accordance with RNE district policy, parents, guardians, or an identified responsible person designated by the parent or guardian must be at the bus stop for grades K-3 or other identified students at drop off times. If this person is not present, the child will be returned to school and wait to be picked up. Students should be at the bus stop approximately five minutes before scheduled pick up time and wait in an appropriate and respectful manner. Students should be off of the main road but ready to board (not sitting in a car waiting until the bus arrives). Wait until the bus has completely stopped before approaching and then enter in an orderly and safe manner using the handrail. When exiting the bus, students must wait for the bus to come to a complete stop before standing up or exiting. Students may only cross the street in front of the bus as it is very difficult for the driver to see students crossing behind the bus safely. Wait for the driver to check traffic before crossing the street and be on the lookout for inattentive motorists. Students will not be dropped off at a stop other than their own without written advance communication from a parent/guardian through the school’s main office.

Bus Expectations

Transportation Incident Report

EEA: School Bus Transportation Policy

Admin Memo - Pre-School Bus Transportation