Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Department

WHO we are

The CIA Department is led by the Curriculum Director, and employs one department assistant and a team of six instructional coaches to work across the Supervisory Union. Each Coach has a distinct area of curricular expertise, providing support for SU programs and initiatives in each of the RNESU schools. We support RNESU in providing quality educational experiences for students from prekindergarten to high school.

Growing hearts and minds, every day!

WHAT we do

  • Effective Instruction

  • Equity and Inclusion

  • Supporting Students

  • Social & & Emotional Learning

HOW we do it

Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union supports student learning through high quality instruction, intervention and assessment, and supports individual learning towards meeting required state standards in:

  • literacy

  • mathematical content and practices

  • scientific inquiry and content knowledge

  • global citizenship (including social studies and world languages)

  • physical education

  • health education

  • artistic expression (including visual, media and performing arts)

  • transferable skills

Visit Vermont's AOE PBGR website to learn more about our work developing district-wide proficiencies.


Holiday Guidance - This page provides helpful information for teachers on how to provide a balanced approach during the holiday season  

Curriculum Staff

Kristin Hubert, EdD - Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Jess Morse Davis - Assistant to the Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Max Burman - Technology Integration Coach

Brian Crane - Proficiency Based Learning Coach

Susan Hennessey - Technology Integration Coach

Jimmy Kalb - Data Literacy Coach

Laura King Instructional Coach

Susannah White - Equity and Engagement Coach

Joanie Wisdahl - MTSS Coach