Universal Pre Kindergarten

Univerisal Pre-kindergarten Program


PreK Lottery

If a parent is unable to access a qualified pre-kindergarten program in RNESU, they may request a voucher. The school board is not obligated to grant the voucher. The types of voucher that is likely to be approved is due to lack of capacity. Scheduling is not anticipated to be a reason for a voucher.
RNESU is piloting a preK Voucher Lottery for 5 children during the 2021-2022 school year. This is a one year tuition subsidy for preK in an approved center outside of our 8 towns. Any child attending preK within our SU towns in an approved center is automatically eligible for a tuition subsidy. 
To apply, please complete the following form:  
PreK Voucher Lottery Application
Applications are due by July 15, 2021.

AOE Approval of RNESU Pre-Kindergarten Region Application 07-10-2020

RNESU Pre-Kindergarten Region Voucher Protocol

RNESU Pre-Kindergarten Update - June 2017

RNESU Pre-Kindergarten Region Fact Sheet - April 30, 2019

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