Study Committee


By law, each town must have at least one board member on the study committee and the overall makeup must be proportional to the school population. The RNESU study committee consists of the following inpiduals:

Brandon (6)

Chittenden (2)

Goshen (1)

Leicester (1)

Mendon (2)

Pittsford (4)

Sudbury (1)

Whiting (1)

Lisa Kenyon - Board Member

Debbie Boyce - Board Member

Harriet Wyman - Community Member

Peter Werner- Community Member

Susan LaRock - Community Member

Seth Hopkins - Community Member

Elizabeth Stahura - Board Member

Lisa Purcell - Community Member

Diane O'Classen - Board Member

Hannah Sessions - Board Member

Michelle Erickson - Board Member

Matt Conway - Community member

Bonnie Bourne - Board Member

Sue Markowski - Board Member

Jennifer Tinsman- Community Member

Craig Pelkey - Community Member

Laurie Bertrand - Board Member

Tara Trudo - Board Member


 I. In accordance with Title 16 §706b, Act 46, and Acts 153/156, study the benefits and challenges of forming a union district comprising the towns of Brandon, Chittenden, Goshen, Leicester, Mendon, Pittsford, Sudbury and Whiting.

II. Contract with outside person(s) to support the work of the committee within the established budget. This may include but is not limited to: process facilitation, data analysis, facilitation of committee discussions, legal counsel and community forum support.

III. Consider if there is a benefit to our communities to invite other districts as advisable members of the committee. As outlined in Title 16 §706b(2) the committee has the final determination of what districts, if any, are deemed advisable. 

IV. Engage the communities with at least one public forum held in each of the participating necessary towns to hear community hopes and concerns prior to completing the study. 

V. Make a determination as to whether the formation of a union district is advisable and should be taken to the voters.

VI. Prepare a report for the State Board of Education including all elements required by Title 16 §706b and Act 46 in the formation 

of a union district. The report should be submitted in a timely fashion to allow for a community vote, if held, to occur in the spring of 2016.

VII. The Articles of Agreement required in Title 16 §706b should be written to provide maximum flexibility for the newly created Board to govern the district to best represent the community and serve educational needs of the students into the future.

VIII. Keep the SU Board regularly apprised of the committee’s progress.


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