Otter Valley Unified Union Board

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1.0 The Otter Valley UU school district exists so that all enrolled students are empowered
with the knowledge, skills, and attributes needed to be successful and contributing citizens
of a global society by way of the resources invested by the communities.

Otter Valley Unified Union School Board Meeting Agendas, Documents and Minutes

OVUUSD Policy Governance Policies

OVUUSD Policy Monitoring Reports

OVUU Board Work Plan

OVUU Resolution Regarding Education, Costs and the Pandemic - June 2020

Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6:00 pm, alternating locations of the 1st meeting at the OVUU Schools and the 3rd meeting at the Otter Valley UHS Library. 

All meeting dates are subject to change due to school vacations, special called meetings, and holidays.

(See School Board Monthly Meeting Schedule on School Boards page for details.)

The School Board would like to hear from you. Please click here to share your thoughts, questions and concerns.

Otter Valley Unified Union Formation Plan and Articles

OVUU Certification Letter from Secretary Holcombe 02/23/16

School Board Members:
To contact a specific board member, please use the following email format:
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  • Laurie Bertrand (Sudbury) 2025 - Chair - RNESU Board Rep.

  • Derek Larsen (Brandon) 2025 - Vice Chair

  • Barbara Ebling (At-Large) 2025- Clerk - RNESU Board Rep.

  • Greg Bernhardt (At-Large) 2024 

  • Rebecca Watters (Whiting) 2024 - RNESU Board Rep.

  • Brett Mullin (Pittsford) 2025 

  • Jennifer Mallory (Leicester) 2023

  • William Mathis (Goshen) 2024

  • Erik Pearsons (Pittsford) 2024

  • Natalie Steen (Brandon) 2024

  • Kevin Thornton (Brandon) 2023 

  • Jeremy Gildrien (At-Large) 2023  

  • Devon Fuller (At-Large) 2023

  • Pajua Gamba - OV Student Rep.

  • Brendan McLoughlin - OV Student Rep.