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All software purchase requests are dependent on budgetary considerations regardless of their Software Menu status.

All software, applications, apps, and Internet services used on RNESU systems, networks, and equipment, including student and employee equipment, must be approved prior to purchase, installation, and use.

Please review the information below prior to requesting access, installing, using, or purchasing any application, software, Internet-based service, or similar offering.

The Software Menu is an online resource that tells you whether or not a specific software application is approved for use, not approved, or is in a review state.

APPROVED: The software meets all critical requirements and is suitable for installation and use. Not all software that is approved will be available. This can be due for a variety of reasons.

PENDING: If the software is listed as Pending no new installations can occur until it is listed as Approved.

CONTINGENT: Contingent items are restricted.  Contact the Tech Team via a Support Request if you believe you require items listed as contingent.  These applications may require additional steps to properly secure or deploy them.

NOT APPROVED: If the software is not approved that means it does not meet one or more critical requirements. If it is disapproved the software must no longer be used, and IT will make arrangements to have it removed and accessed restricted.

If you have any questions, would like to request access to approved software, provide comments or offer suggestions, please fill out a support request:
Support Request

To request an application not on the list please fill out the Software Request form:
Software Request Form