Dear Parents/Guardians

It is National Principals’  Month! Principals are the backbone of our schools. They support kids, support teachers and staff, sub in classrooms, collaborate with parents, keep schools humming…..such inadequate words to describe the day in the life of a principal and all of the hearts that principals touch. Take a minute- send an ecard to your favorite principal(s)! https://www.principalsmonth.or...

This email covers

  • Neshobe School Closure Followup

  • Free School Lunches and FRL Forms

  • New Web Site and App

  • Flu Shot Reminder!

  • School Board Meetings

Neshobe School Closure Follow Up

Last week, Neshobe School was closed for two days before the long weekend due to a number of positive COVID test results. This was a difficult decision to make, as it impacted not just the students and families of Neshobe, but spilled over impacting other schools in the district.  In addition, staff who worked in other schools also took the days off to be with their children as school was closed. This is not something we decide lightly. The good news is that the closure seems to have paid off. While additional positive cases came in over the weekend, due to the school being closed, they did not affect any classrooms and we were able to bring back unaffected classes on Monday and bring in the affected classes throughout this week. As of today, Neshobe is fully in-person.

We all are anxious and interested in the Test to Stay (TTS) protocol the state has told us is coming. In RNESU, we are also very concerned with the ability to manage TTS with the staffing we have. We may need to reach out to volunteers to help implement the protocol or delay implementation until our staffing stabilizes. However, our desire is to keep kids in school as much as possible, and this may be one way to help that happen.

Free School Lunches and FRL Forms

Our food lunch provider, Abbey Services, has asked us to remind parents that school lunch is free for ALL students 18 and under for the 2021-2022 school year. That is automatic this year thanks to a change in the federal law. 

However, a FRL form would still be helpful for families who may seek other benefits, such as Reach Up, or College Application Fee Waivers, or SAT Fee Waivers. FRL forms are on the district and school website under the Parents and Guardians tab.

New Website and App

We have introduced a new website for all schools this year. Check it out! This is where you can go for the superintendent reports, the community bulletin board, events calendars (scroll down for these), board meeting packets of information and minutes and other news and archived items. 

We also have an app that you can use to filter what schools you want information from and you can access from anywhere. It’s everything RNESU, in your pocket. Download the app for Rutland Northeast SU on Android: or iPhone: 

Flu Shot Reminder

It is that time of year again- please consider getting a flu shot for your child. COVID and flu together do not mix well and may be hard to tell apart for the schools as well. Thanks for helping to keep us all well!

School Board Meetings

In August, Board meetings returned to in-person meetings with a zoom option for those who wish to attend virtually. Meeting information can be found on the district calendar or on the district website,,  

  • BUU Board meets Oct. 18, 6 pm. 

  • RNESU Board meets Oct. 20, 5 pm @ OV North Campus 

  • OVUU Board meets Oct. 20, 6 pm @ OV North Campus

Enjoy the weekend. 


Jeanné Collins, Superintendent of RNESU

School Safety Hotline # (844) 723-3488 or or text to 274637, type in keyword SAFE4VT and then your tip